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Board Members

 Tri-County Electric Cooperative Association Board of Directors


Mark VanDolah

President: Mark VanDolah                                

Board Member since 2011 

District 8 - Adair County  

Kenny McNamar Director


Vice President: Kenny McNamar

Board Member since 2012

District 3 - Scotland County


David Koch Secretary

Assistant Secretary: David Koch

Board Member since 2011

District 5 - Scotland County 

Bill Triplett Treasurer




Treasurer: Bill Triplett

Board Member since 2007

District 6 - Putnam County

Rusty Anders Director

Director: Rusty Anders        

Board Member since 2012

District 4 - Scotland County 

Joe Sebolt Treasurer

Assistant Treasurer: Joe Sebolt

Board Member since 2009

District 1 - Schuyler County

Harley Harrelson Vice President

Director: Harley Harrelson              

Board Member since 2011    

District 7 - Adair County

Kelley Church Director

Secretary: Kelley Church

Board Member since 2013

District 9 - Adair County 


Director: Karen Farnsworth

Board Member since 2017

District 2 - Adair County 





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